About Flying Fortress Spirits

We are so excited to be launching our new business…”Flying Fortress”. For years we have been making a premixed cocktail and filling mason jars with it and giving them out to our friends, neighbors, relatives, and business associates. When people started to call us and ask us if they could buy some from us, we thought…we may have something here! We soon met with a local spirits company who loved the product and they gave us a thumbs up for production. Within a week, we were searching for a business name. We agreed that we would somehow think of a name that would pay homage to the brave men and women who fought in WWII. Eileen’s dad served in WWII. I had always been amazed at B-17 bombers, also known as the “Flying Fortress”. I really wanted that name, and secured it. Nose Art was painted on the sides of the planes to boost morale, unify the crew and to make their plane unique to other B-17’s. That is how we got the name for the cocktail. We call it, “The Red Head”. A delicious cranberry and spice cocktail.

The “ Red Head” launched on 12-11-18. It is in 19 NH Wine & Liquor
Outlets. We are now in the scheduled tasting stages. Check our
Facebook page for upcoming events. Flying Fortress Spirits

Thank You,

Dan Doyon

Cranberry & Spice Mixed Cocktail


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